Capitolo 04 - Terre Alfieri

Terre Alfieri, a crossroads of excellence

Marchesi Alfieri

From the castle the view is magnificent: with hills and mountains in every direction and a valley that is tinted with green from the forest and blue from the Tanaro. This is the river that marks one of the natural boundaries that define the area at the point where Roero, Langhe and Monferrato converge: we are in the Terre Alfieri.

The varied composition of the soil tells us that we are in a land of various borders, capable of expressing the best of the neighboring regions in the wines: the intense aroma and floral notes of Roero; the ample fruit and freshness of Monferrato, the elegance, power and longevity of the Langhe.

Marchesi Alfieri

Polyculture, the future is not invented, it is created

On these hills, the vine has always grown next to the forest or has alternated with fields of corn and wheat. The protection of the landscape and biodiversity is a commitment that the San Martino di San Germano family has taken on with responsibility and pride.

In the 1990s, large uncultivated or abandoned plots were reforested, and since then the winery can count on two large “green lungs” characterized by its great oaks, fragrant cherry trees and hornbeams but above all by its 4 hectares of hazelnut trees, one of the most symbolic plants of this region.

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Chapter 05

Land is family